Can Hamsters Eat Guava? [Here’s Why You Should Avoid]

Sweet but acidic; tasty and digestive, I’m talking about Guava. I love Guava; whether it is green or red, both are my favorite. Besides its taste, Guava has many nutrients that directly help our health.

So I was in my uncle’s house and got some Guava from his trees. And then I thought of feeding it to the hamster. But Can Hamsters Eat Guava? So I asked a few experts and owners, and they said;

Due to the high acidic level, it is advised not to serve Guava to your small hamsters, as acidic foods can make them ill, and your hamster might have stomach issues. But, if somehow they eat a small portion of Guava, it does not mean they will have trouble.

The seeds of Guava are also not suitable for small pets and hamsters; it can make them have diarrhea. But, without seeds, you can serve Guava in a small amount.

So what are the risks of serving this, and how can you safely serve Guava to your hamsters? Let’s know more about that information in detail.

Nutrients in Guava

Whenever we feed something new to our hamsters, we should check its nutrients first because a hamster is a small creature and can have serious issues with minimal food.

One whole Guava contains[1]Webmd

Dietary Fiber3g

These nutrients look great for anyone, but let’s see the acids in Guava.

There can be more than 7-9 mg of acidic contents in 50gm Guava. There are different acidic contents, but Citric is more than others.

Acids in Guava:

  • Citric acid – 0.54%
  • Malic acid – 0.18%
  • Tartaric acid
  • Ascorbic acid

Why Should You Avoid Serving Guava To Hamsters?

There are a few health issues your hamster can have with guava as it has acidic content. They are;

#Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain is one of the common issues with acidic foods. Hamsters are small in size, so a small amount of acid can harm them a lot. As it is advised not to serve any citrus fruits to your hamsters like Orange, Pineapple, and others, it would also be great if you stay away from other acidic fruits as well.

Although a tiny amount might not cause anything, serving a lot can harm your hamster. Furthersome, serving it frequently can also harm their stomach in the long term.


Acidic fruits help digestion for humans, but they can also harm small pets like hamsters. Consuming acidic contents can make your hamster poop frequently and cause diarrhea.

It can also affect your hamsters’ bowel movements, worsening the situation.

Also, the seeds of the Guava are hard to digest; thus, if you serve this fruit, make sure you remove them.

#Other Issues

  • Digestive Distress
  • Allergy
  • Constipation

What Will Happen If Your Hamster Eats Guava?

If they eat it in tiny amounts, don’t worry; your hamster will be safe. But, if they have eaten in large amounts, then make sure you check your hamster frequently, especially the poop, and if you see any problem make sure you contact a VET.

Hamsters might like guava because of its sweetness, but as I told you, long-term it can harm them.

If you have any other questions regarding that, you can also ask us.

Are Guava-Made Foods Safe for Hamsters?

Besides the fresh Guava fruit, a few food items are made with Guava, like Guava Pie, Guava Juice, and others. But are they safe for hamsters?

NO! Try to avoid most guava-made items like Pie, Juice, and others. Because of the acidic level, your hamster can have various health issues. As hamsters don’t have a big stomach, they can easily have stomach problems with such highly acidic foods.

Furthermore, the juice is not recommended for hamsters, especially if you have brought the juice from the market. But if you’ve homemade juice, serving in tiny amounts is recommended.

Alternative Fruits of Guava for Hamsters

These are a few awesome fruits you can serve your hamster daily to replace the Guava, but you should alternate these fruits, meaning don’t serve the same fruit daily; instead, try different fruits.

So this is it!

And I hope you learned a lot; few people can suggest you serve this as they do, and their hamsters did not have any issues. But it is true few hamsters can be safe, but the health of every hamster is not the same.

So the best bet is not to serve acidic foods to your hamsters.

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