Can Hamsters Eat Oranges? Things You Should Know

I was eating an Orange my mom brought from the local market. And I was also talking with my sister about how acids help us digest foods.

But, suddenly, I thought, do the acids of Orange also help Hamsters to digest foods, or does it harm them as it has various acids and the hamster is tiny?

So I messaged my VET to get more information about that thing and researched a bit on the internet and Hamster’s Community.

So, Can Hamsters Eat Oranges?

NO! Don’t even dare to feed oranges to your little hamster. You can’t always offer your favorite snacks to your loved hamster. Oranges have various acids which can harm your little hamsters. So try to stay away from it as much as you can.

As Oranges are high in acidity, consuming them in large quantities may worsen the symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Similarly, Pineapple, Guava, and others are high in acids and not recommended for hamsters.

Other problems that happen with this fruit are discussed below. And I’ve also mentioned how to deal with hamsters if they ate this fruit; and some alternative snacks. So let’s check them.

Nutritional Values & Acids in Oranges

One medium-sized orange of approximately 2-5/8”  in diameter is roughly 131 grams. So the below-mentioned nutritional values are approximated for 131gms of oranges.

These values are provided by the United States Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) guidelines.

IngredientsNutritional Values
Vitamin C69.7mg
Vitamin A14micrograms

So these are the nutritional values of oranges, but I think it is pretty useless for you as you can not serve this fruit to your hamster. Instead, check what acids are present in oranges from here:

  • Citric Acid – 13.918 g
  • Malic Acid – 1.516 g
  • Oxalic – 0.109 g (mainly in the peel)
  • Tartaric Acid – 0.336 g
  • Lactic acid – 1.857 g
  • Ascorbic Acid – 0.636 g
  • Folic Acid

There are other acids available in Orange that can have a good impact on humans, but they will negatively impact your tiny hamster.

Why Can Hamsters Not Eat Oranges?

Now, after discussing in detail about oranges, we already know that oranges can be toxic and cause significant harm to your Hamsters. But let’s look in detail and learn more about health issues with this fruit for your hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Oranges
  1. Hamsters Cannot Eat Citrus Foods:  It is well-known that oranges belong to the citrus family. Hence, this becomes the top reason for you to keep your Hammies away from Oranges. As citrus foods have acids, hamsters can not handle acids.
  2. Oranges Are Highly Acidic: Your Hamster’s digestive system won’t be able to handle the acidity caused by oranges. Hence, it can cause significant damage to their stomach, and they can have problems like tummy distress and diarrhea.
  3. Oranges Gave a Large Amount of Sugar: Another reason to keep your Hammies away from this food is that they contain a high amount of sugar. An average-sized orange (approx. 100gms) contains 9gms of sugar. The high amount of sugar can result in your Hammies getting suffered from diabetes, and therefore, it can be extremely harmful to their health.
  4. Oranges Carry a Large Amount of Water: Since Oranges are juicy and pulpy, their water content is high. A large amount of water can be troublesome for your little Hammy and cause digestive distress. Thus, it is better to avoid serving oranges as a snack to your little furry friends.

Alternatives Snacks of Oranges for Your Hamsters

There are many alternatives available for your Hammy in place of Oranges. Like Basil, sage, parsley, coriander, and Apple (there in the list for a known fact i.e.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away), Chicken, Tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, chicory, spinach, pear, peach melon, Sesame Seeds, Hazelnuts, Blueberries, Cucumber, Courgette, cress, sweet peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.

What To Do If Hamsters Eat Oranges?

If consumed in a small amount, it is not worrisome. They might only have some minor side effects. You can also serve their staple food after consuming oranges to reduce the acidic reaction.

But if your hamster has consumed a relatively large amount of oranges, it can cause significant problems for them.

If your Hamster shows diarrhea, distress, lethargy, discolored urine, or poop after consuming an orange, rush them immediately to your nearest Vet.

Can Hamster Eat Orange Peels?

Unfortunately, just like oranges, Hamsters cannot consume their skin as well. Hence, orange peels are not recommended for Hamsters at all. It is to be highly avoided.

Can Hamsters Drink Orange Juice?

Since oranges are highly acidic and contain high sugar, they can cause digestive troubles for your little Hammy’s stomach. NO fruit juice should ever be fed to your Hamster. Plain, clean, freshwater is sufficient to keep your Hamster healthy and keep going.

So now it is absolutely clear that your Hamsters cannot have oranges. But there is nothing to be sad about this. Now you are pretty aware of the dangers that Oranges can cause to your little furry friends, so you won’t even be giving a thought to feeding them.

Due to the reasons oranges being from the citrus family with a high acid content and a large amount of sugar and water, they can cause some severe digestive and other issues to your cute innocent, and adorable Hammies.

Hence, the Hamster community does not recommend feeding oranges, orange peels, orange juice, or even orange seeds to your Hammies.

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