Golden hamster

Golden or Syrian Hamsters | Behaviour, Habitat, Foods, Disease & More

The golden hamster, Syrian hamster or أبو جراب was found for the first time in the Maghreb, specifically in Syria. Currently, its state in nature is considered threatened, as fewer and fewer colonies reside in the wild. They are very common as pets. Physical appearance It stands out for its large size compared to other hamster species, such as the Chinese … Read More »

Roborovski Hamster

Roborovski Hamsters | Behaviour, Habitat, Foods, Care Sheet & More

The Roborovski hamster has its origins in Asia mainly since we can find it in China, Kazakhstan and even in Russia. It is the smallest of the hamster species and they have a special personality as well as a special need for care as well. Physical Appearance As we have already mentioned before, this hamster is tiny, measuring only … Read More »

Chinese Hamsters

Chinese Hamsters | Behavior, Habitat, Foods, Care Sheet & More

As its name suggests, the Chinese Hamster comes from the deserts of northeast Mongolia and China. This species of Hamster was first domesticated in 1919, and its history began as a laboratory animal. Years later, they replaced the Chinese Hamster with species easier to care for, which was when it became famous as a pet. … Read More »