Can Hamsters Eat Grapes? [Owners Must Know How]

Grapes is one of the best fruit in the world. We like grapes to add to our shopping list.

Suppose you’re eating grapes and imagine how it will be if you give some of them to your lovely hamster. But, will they eat? Let’s find out.

So, Can Hamsters Eat Grapes?

The answer is YES! Hamsters can take grapes to a particular quantity at a specific pace only. I have mostly seen they love eating this fruit, which is also great for their health. But, if you feed them grapes more than they need, that can cause serious harm to them.

Hamsters do love grapes. These sweet fruits are one of the favorites due to their sweet taste. Grapes are an excellent treat for hamsters.

No instance reported that feeding grapes accordingly to the restrictions had harmed a hamster.

So, it is considered safe. To know all the limits, keep on reading.

Grapes and Its Nutrients:

Grapes are not only tasty but also contain some great nutrients that can help your cute little pet keep itself healthy.

Can Hamsters Eat Grapes

Here we have the list of Nutrients that Grapes have. This list consists of one cup of Grapes, which means 151 grams.[1]Healthline

IngredientsNutritional Value
Carbs27.3 grams
Protein1.1 grams
Fat0.2 grams
Fiber1.4 grams
Vitamin C27% (RDI)
Vitamin K28% (RDI)
Vitamin B66% (RDI)
Potassium8% (RDI)
Copper10% (RDI)
Manganese5% (RDI)
Thiamine7% (RDI)
Riboflavin6% (RDI)

The meaning of the RDI is Reference Daily Intake. So the Grapes contain so many vital Vitamins and minerals.

Types of Grapes you can Fed to your Hamsters?

Hamsters can take any grape. Grapes have a large variety, and they all are hamsters’ favorites. You can feed your hamster these grapes that are hugely available in the market:

  • Green Grapes: Green grapes are very sweet and full of antioxidants. Hamsters love green grapes.
  • Red Grapes: Hamsters do take red grapes. Red grapes have less sugar and a higher level of antioxidants than green grapes.
  • Purple Grapes: Purple grapes are suitable for hamsters, too. They also have less sugar and more antioxidants than green grapes.

The other grapes are also good for your hammie’s health, and you can feed those to them, too.

Benefits of Grapes for Hamsters

Are Grapes Healthy for your Hamster
  • A limited amount of grapes is healthy for your furry friend. Grapes are full of vitamin C that hamsters do need to stay healthy.
  • Vitamin C helps to remove toxins from the hamster’s body. The dietary fibers in the grapes improve the digestive system of the hammie.
  • The grapes contain vitamin K, which improves the blood circulation in the hamster’s body and reduces the chance of blood clotting.
  • The potassium in grapes maintains the blood pressure of the hamster. Grapes improve the overall health of a hamster but they should get fed to the hamsters in the specified quantity.

Risk of Feeding Grapes To Your Hamsters

Feeding grapes to the hamsters have so many restrictions. If you do not follow those, you push your hamster baby towards risks. Let’s see what those are:

  • Grapes should be fed to the hamsters at a particular amount and at a particular pace. Not maintaining it can make them consume more sugar than they need, which is harmful.
  • Grapes can be a treat to your hammies, not regular food. Grapes are full of sugar, which can cause stomach upset in your baby. In the long run, it can cause obesity, fatty liver, and diabetes, too.
  • Be sure that you do not feed grapes to the hamsters more than twice a week.
  • Rinse the grapes properly and remove all the pesticides from them before feeding those to the hamster. Pesticides are very bad for hammies, and they can even kill them.
  • While feeding the grapes to a hamster, check out the parasites living in the grapes. Harmful parasites can be harmful to your little friend.
  • Always feed fresh grapes to them. Do not feed grapes that are sliced 12 hours ago.

How To Serve Grapes To Your Hamster?

You need to learn how to serve a grape to your hamster. You have to follow the process mentioned underneath:

  1. First, take a grape and a clean knife. Now rinse the grape well, so all the dirt and pesticides get removed. You can also peel the skin off it if possible.
  2. Now cut the grape in quarters.
  3. If the grape has a seed, then remove it carefully with your hand or with the knife you are using for the process. The seed of a grape can choke your hamster.
  4. Once you take out the seed, it is ready to get served. Now, serve it according to your hamster’s size.

How Many Grapes You Should Give To A Hamster?

Very limited grapes need to be fed to your hamster. A large-sized adult hamster can take 1 whole grape a week, while a dwarf or small size adult can take only half of it a week.

Although, if your hamster shows interest in consuming more, you can give half of a grape but not more. Because anything excessive can be dangerous for your hamster.

Can a Baby Hamsters take Grapes?

A baby hamster gets all the nutrients from its mother until it learns to eat other sources of foods like pellets and cereal or millet.

At the age of 4 weeks, they become capable of taking regular hamster foods. At this stage, you can introduce grapes to them in a very small quantity.

And can start feeding them according to the rules and restrictions. But, it would be great if you continued with their staple foods.

Are Raisins Safe for Hamsters?

Raisins are dried grapes, so they have more sugars than grapes. Raisins have more restrictions than fresh grapes to be fed.

You should feed only one raisin a week, not more than that. The chocolate or yogurt-coated raisins should not get fed to the hamsters.

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