Can Hamsters Eat Blueberries? [Learn How To Serve]

Who does not love blueberries? Probably the one who has never had it. Once you have it, it would be irresistible for you not to munch on a few for a guilt-free snacking.

But, Can Your Hamsters Eat Blueberries?

The answer is a big Yes! Undoubtedly! Your little hamster can eat blueberries as a treat with you. And believe me, your hamster will love you even more for this. So now what are you waiting for? Go ahead. And treat your Hamsters for them being super adorable.

But before feeding, don’t forget to read onto specific disclaimers that this power food brings with itself. As you know: Little Knowledge is a dangerous thing!

So now, let us find out the good and bad impacts of blueberries on your little Hamsters.

Nutritional Values of Blueberries

According to USDA guidelines, a serving size of 100gms blueberries contains the following amount of nutrition:

IngredientsNutritional Value
Water84 %
Total Carbohydrates14.5gms
Dietary Fiber2.4gms
Total Fat0.3gms
Saturated Fat0gms
Polyunsaturated Fat0.1gms
Monounsaturated Fat0gms

Besides these, blueberries are highly rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Blueberries also contain Copper, Beta Carotene, Choline, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Manganese, Chlorogenic Acid, and Kaempferol.

Benefits of Blueberries for Hamsters

This food might look tiny, but apart from its sweet taste, it holds an abundance of goodness and wealth.

  • Blueberries are low in calories and high in nutrients. Thus, it makes a guilt-free snack on a busy evening.
  • It also helps lower blood pressure levels and prevents heart diseases in older hamsters.
  • It also helps fight against UTIs, which often can be found in Hamsters.
  • Blueberries may also reduce muscle damage caused after strenuous exercise.
  • It also helps in maintaining healthy skin and strong bones.
  • It helps in a healthy bowel movement too.
  • Vitamin C present in blueberries helps boost their immune system.
  • Zinc is essential for healing your Hamster’s wounds, and Phytonutrients have many benefits for your little furry friends.

Anthocyanins present in Blueberries may have an anti-diabetes effect.

How To Serve Blueberries To Your Hamsters?

Always use fresh and high-quality blueberries. Before serving them to your little Hammy, wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris, pesticides, etc., from their surface. Cut them into bite-sized pieces if they are large enough for your Hammy.

If there are any uneaten or leftover pieces of blueberries from the earlier serving, remove them within 12 – 24 hours of offering them to your Hamster to prevent food rot and bugs.

If you are introducing blueberries to your Hamster, monitor your little friend for approximately 24 hours for any adverse reactions. Contact your nearest vet immediately if any unusual activity or reaction is noticed.

You may also consult your Hammy’s Vet before introducing any new food to your little friend’s diet.

How Many Blueberries Can You Feed To Your Hamsters?

You should always feed blueberries to your Hamsters in moderation. Moderation means approximately a teaspoon-sized amount of blueberries for one adult Hamster. And remember, you should not feed blueberries and other treats more than 20% of their daily diet.

To simplify, at max, 2 Blueberries are perfect as a treat. First, give them one, and see if they are interested in eating more or not. If so, you can give one more.

Here is a Hamster eating Blueberries

Also, If you should not make it their daily diet or treat, you can feed them once or twice per week to get the essential nutrients from it.

For a tiny Hamster, don’t feed more than half a teaspoon of Blueberries per week.

For a Baby/Juvenile Hamster, blueberries are not recommended at all. The sugar content in blueberries can lead to some reasonably significant internal issues for your little furry friends.

Can Hamsters Eat Blueberry Leaves?

Hamsters love munching and chewing something constantly to keep themselves engaged and entertained.

So as long as the stem is short and thin, it is okay to leave it attached to the blueberries for your Hamster to munch on.

But be careful since the stem might stick in their mouths and can result in them choking themselves. So while they are snacking on their berry treat, keep an eye on your little furries to monitor their activities.

Can Hamsters eat Dried Blueberries?

No!. Since dried blueberries contain a high amount of sugar. So it is not advised. Even a tiny portion as a snack might be unsafe for your little friends.

Can Hamsters eat Blueberry Seeds?

Yes! There is no problem in snacking on a blueberry treat with the seeds intact. Thus, removing the seeds from the blueberries is unnecessary before serving them to your Hammy.

Your hamster will eat the parts they like and suck them for a while, and leave if they don’t like the rest. So you should try giving it.

Can Hamsters eat Blueberry Jam/Jelly?

No! Since blueberry Jam has loads of added sugars, spices, additives, and preservatives, and it does not even have the essential nutrients to keep your Hamster strong, it is not advised to serve any variety of blueberries to your Hamsters.

Can Hamsters eat Blueberry Muffins?

No! Since blueberry muffins are filled with sugars, they are extremely sweet. And hence, they might cause various problems, such as – obesity, diabetes, and nutritional issues, to your Hamsters.

Can Hamsters Drink Blueberry Juice?

No! A lot of nutrients are compromised in making juice of any food. Since blueberry juice carries a high amount of sugar, it is not recommended for your Hamster.

It can cause them diarrhea, resulting in dehydration and other health issues. So it is better to avoid serving your Hamsters any fruit juice.

Risk Associated with Blueberries to Your Hamsters

Anything of excess might cause some ill effects to anyone. Similarly, a large number of blueberries may result in some worth noting health issues.

  • Diabetes: Sugar and fat cause diabetes. And if blueberries are fed in more than the required dose, your Hamster might have a decreased life expectancy.
  • Obesity: Having too many blueberries might result in your Hamster getting obese.
  • Choking: For a small-sized Hamster, choking might be an issue. Hence make sure that the blueberries served to them are bite-size, and do give your special attention to the leaves and stems attached to the blueberries.
  • Nutritional Problems: Hamsters love eating. But they get full very quickly. Since they love blueberries, they might fill themselves with blueberries alone and not have the other food items served. This may cause some nutritional problems for them.

So finally, we may conclude that Blueberries can be fed to your Hamster. And why not when they are filled with all the healthy nutrition available?

But too much of anything can be life-threatening for your little Hammies. So do balance the respective pros and cons of blueberries before giving them to your little Hammies as a treat.

Before serving blueberries to your furry friends, ensure you have discarded all the leftover pieces served earlier. Wash the fresh batch thoroughly, chop them finely, and serve in moderation.

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