Types of Hamsters Cages

6 Different Types of Hamsters Cages [with Pros & Cons]

With the growing popularity of hamsters as household pets, the requirements for hamster cages have grown over time. Thus, there are many hamster cage options in the market for different budgets. Also, due to many inappropriate cages, people have discovered a few awesome options you can try if you’re new. Here I’ve discussed various types … Read More »

Size of a Hamster Cage

Size of a Hamster Cage | Here’s Why It Matters A Lot

Knowing about hamsters’ cages or enclosures is vital if you’re a new hamster owner or planning to be one. For humans, shelter is one of the essential things after food; the same goes for hamsters. Moreover, we feel more comfortable with large rooms than small ones, and the same with hamsters. Thus, before buying a … Read More »

What To Feed a Hamster If You Run Out of Food?

Here’s What To Feed a Hamster If You Run Out of Food?

Have you run out of your hamster’s food? If yes, here is a list of household food items you can feed your hamster. Running out of your hamster’s food is not good because a staple diet helps hamsters maintain a healthy life. Because of their staple diet [seed mix], they get their required protein, fat, … Read More »

What Are Lab Blocks for Hamsters?

What Are Lab Blocks for Hamsters? [Why and How To Serve]

If you own a hamster, then I’m sure you have heard about Lab Block food for hamsters. Nowadays, most hamster owners serve this food to their hamsters. But, a lot of information is not publicly available about this. Thus people often ask in our group about the quantity, the right way to serve this food, … Read More »

The Complete Fruits List for Hamsters

What Fruits Can Hamsters Eat? [Safe & Unsafe Fruit List]

Fruits are one of the important parts of the hamster diet. To get those extra vitamins and minerals, fruits are fantastic for hamsters. But, as you grow as a better hamster owner, you come to know the hamster diet is critical, so before serving fruits or any other food to your hamsters, you may have … Read More »

Can Hamsters Eat Guava

Can Hamsters Eat Guava? [Here’s Why You Should Avoid]

Sweet but acidic; tasty and digestive, I’m talking about Guava. I love Guava; whether it is green or red, both are my favorite. Besides its taste, Guava has many nutrients that directly help our health. So I was in my uncle’s house and got some Guava from his trees. And then I thought of feeding … Read More »

Can Hamsters Eat Vegetables Everyday

Can Hamsters Eat Vegetables Everyday? The Best Veggies

I love seeing more vegetables on my plate than non-veg. So, I was eating a few veggies with rice and thinking, is it safe to provide my hamster vegetables every day as I eat? Here is the detailed answer; They like vegetables; therefore, you can serve vegetables as their main diet or as a treat. … Read More »