Here’s What To Feed a Hamster If You Run Out of Food?

Have you run out of your hamster’s food? If yes, here is a list of household food items you can feed your hamster.

Running out of your hamster’s food is not good because a staple diet helps hamsters maintain a healthy life. Because of their staple diet [seed mix], they get their required protein, fat, fiber, and other vital nutrients.

But, in this busy era, we often suffer from that issue; thus, it is best to save your hamster’s food in advance. But it can pretty much happen with every hamster owner.

So, What To Feed a Hamster If You Run Out of Food?

If you run out of food, vegetables, grains, pieces of bread, fruit, boiled chicken & eggs, tofu, and other available food items in the household can be a great alternative option for hamsters. However, these foods are good for 1 or 2 days; serving them continuously for a few days can cause diarrhea.

However, it would be best to buy or make your hamsters’ main seed mix as soon as possible because seed mix is the best option for them. Also, your hamster might become a picky eater if you serve various household items for a long time.

If you don’t have the seed mix, but you have the lab blocks, you can also increase the number of lab blocks and serve them with other household items.

Also, you have to be careful about the amount, and not every household item can be served to your hamsters; thus, I’ve mentioned a complete list below; let’s check them.

Problems with Alternative or Household Foods for Hamsters

You can not serve household items to your hamsters continuously; it is a matter of you somehow getting stuck with something and not getting your hamster’s food; then, you can provide the household items.

The main issue is your hamster can develop diarrhea if you serve household veggies, fruit, and other items. Thus, if you run out of hamster food, try to buy it as soon as possible.

Secondly, it is really hard to measure the nutrients and provide the correct amount to your hamster; thus, most owners like to buy and serve seed mix.

Here I’ve mentioned a few items you can provide your hamsters in stucking situations.

Household Items that You Can Serve to Hamsters

Fruits & Veggies – In most houses, we always have some sort of fruit and vegetables. So if you run out of your hamster’s food, you can serve a few small pieces of different fruits and veggies.

Apple, Blueberries, bananas, and other fruits you can serve in small amounts; here are more fruit options for your hamsters and a guide on how to serve them.

With fruits, you can add different veggies like Peas, Bok Choy, Zucchini, Cauliflower & Broccoli, and others; check here the full vegetable list.

NOTE: If your hamster have diabetes then don’t serve fruits to your hamster. Also, make sure you serve blanched and cooled Culiflower and Broccoli.

Proteins – Hamsters need 15% to 18% or even more protein daily, so you must ensure your hamsters get enough protein from your household items. For baby and pregnant hamsters, the recommended protein is 20% plus.

dietary requirements for hamsters

To fulfill your hamster’s protein needs, you can serve household items like boiled eggs [a tiny piece], boiled chicken [tiny piece & unseasoned], tofu, cheese, turkey, yogurt, and others.

You can read more about hamsters’ diets and requirements here.

Grains – Grains are also great for hamsters. In the wild, they eat a lot of grains. Bran & Wheat Germ, Oats, millet, and other types of grains can be a perfect choice for your furry friend.

Before serving your hamster, you must ensure the grains are free of additives and flavoring agents.

Other Food Items – Some other food items we consume daily can be served to your hamster, but not all the items.

Whole-grain toast, nuts [salt and oil free], bread, seeds [sesame, pumpkin, and other], and other items can e served to your hamsters.

NOTE: Try to serve household items in small amounts, and don’t serve the same food again and again if you think you’ve to serve household items to your hamsters for a few days. Because many household items are safe but not good if served daily.

Keep in mind that variety is the key, and keep rotating the foods, so your hamster doesn’t get the same thing repeatedly.

Few Household Items to Avoid

Sugary Items – Try to avoid too sweet items as hamsters are prone to diabetes, so they can develop if you serve too many sugary foods for a long period.

Chocolate, sugary cereals, or any other items with added sugar would not be a good choice for hamsters. Especially if you have a Dwarf hamster, be careful and stay miles away from sugary foods.

Salty Food – Salt can dehydrate your hamster, so ensure you don’t serve any salty items to your hamsters. Saltine crackers and salty biscuits are a few examples.

What about Cooked food items and Spices – You can serve a few cooked items like chicken, eggs, and potato, but they should be without any spices, salt, sugar, or unseasoned.

Hamsters in the wild don’t eat cooked items, but you can serve a few items you think are better cooked than raw.

How To Serve Household Food Items to Your Hamsters?

You can not take a few bunches of grains and serve them to your hamster often or other foods.

The best way to serve household food items is to mix some best food items, like a few small pieces of veggies, fruits, grain, cereals, and protein like chicken, eggs, and others, and serve them together. Again if you have a dwarf hamster, then serve fruit in less amount.

You can serve that food in a bowl or place it in various places in your hamster’s enclosure as you sprinkle the seed mixes.

Moreover, for Dwarf hamsters, you can make the food items extra small than Syrian, as dwarf hamsters are small in size, so eating big pieces can be difficult for them.

Lastly, you can serve any items that a hamster usually eats, but it is only suitable for one or two days. Hence, if you run out of hamster food, getting it as soon as possible is advised.

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