Can Hamsters Eat Pancakes? [You Must Know Before Serving]

Who does not like pancakes? Pancakes are delicacies served on plates. It is made with various ingredients like flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, melted butter, an egg, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Lots of ingredients are there in Pancakes. But is it safe for Hamsters?

So, Can Hamsters Eat Pancakes?

YES! Your hamsters can eat delicious Pancakes. Just avoid adding extra sugar if you are making it for your hamster because too much sugar is very harmful to your hamster and can cause diabetes. So, feeding your hamster huge amounts of Sweet Pancakes is not recommended.

Extra sugar can not only cause diabetes but also harm the digestive system as well. It is recommended not to give your little hamster friend too many sweet pancakes.

So, be careful whenever you add the ingredients, and let us check all the answers in detail in the below article. So, let’s read…

Benefits of Pancakes to your Hamsters


What is the nutritional content? It contains 520 calories, 14 grams of fat, 1104 milligrams of Sodium, 90.9 grams of Carbohydrates, and 8.3 grams of protein. They do not contain any fiber, though.

  • It contains wheat which provides enormous carbohydrates, and carbohydrates provide a lot of energy. This will make your hamster solid and sturdy.
  • It contains proteins that help build muscles and bones and strengthen your hamster.
  • It would contain fiber if you make your pancake from whole-grain wheat, thus improving the digestive system properly.
  • It also comes with a higher calorific value, which keeps you energized for the entire day, and your hamster will exercise and feel healthy.

Adding extra sugar or toppings is not at all recommended. So, apart from all these, your pancake will be a fantastic treat for your hamster.

Pro Tip: Instead of making the pancake from any mix, if you use ingredients and make it from scratch, it will taste excellent and will also remain one of the best options to feed to your hamster. Use wholegrain wheat and utilize fewer fats to make your pancake healthy. Aslo avoid unhealthy toppings made with syrup.

Why Should Hamsters Avoid Pancakes?

There are also some risks of feeding pancakes to your hamsters; they are:

  • Diabetes: Pancakes are filled with sugar, which is unsuitable for your hamsters. So if you’re serving it to your hamster, give it a small amount. If you’re making it, then add less sugar to it.
  • Dehydration: Pancakes have a good amount of salt or sodium, which is unsuitable for hamsters and can cause dehydration and other health problems.
  • Obesity: Pancakes contain large amounts of refined flour, which can cause obesity and other problems.

Here are some best ways of serving pancakes to your hamsters…

How To Serve Pancakes To Your Hamsters?

Serving pancakes to your hamsters may be tricky because if you are exposing them to the pancakes for the very first time, then there may be a possibility that they may not like the pancakes and may just pretend to eat and not eat at all.

They can also put the food in the poaches of their cheek and not eat at all. So, you have to check that.

How to serve Pancakes to your Hamsters?
  • To do so, give your hamster a small quantity of the pancake, just a bite.
  • Check if it is interested in eating the food and it is coming, again and again, to grasp the food and wanting more, or is it simply ignoring the pancake and throwing it out?
  • When you understand that whether it wants it or not, give it more if it loves eating the food, and if it does not like it, do not give it pancakes again.
  • Another thing is where to serve. Either put them on a proper plate and feed them.
  • Give them smaller pieces so they do not choke and can eat appropriately without interruptions.

What about the ingredients? We discussed above that the ingredients should be as per your choice.

Note: Avoid putting extra sweet into the pancake. Do not put more than just a pinch of salt [as salt is also bad]. Opt for whole-grain wheat that has an enhanced nutritional value. Wash the utensils well and use a lesser amount of oil.

But, what should be the amount…

How Many Pancakes To Serve a Hamster?

The amount of pancake you should serve your hamster should be based on the species intaking the pancake. Also, there are other factors like how hungry they are and how much they love this food.

If you give it to the Syrian Hamster, you can give them the most amount of pancake as it is the biggest and has an enormous appetite.

If it is the dwarf version which is the smallest and has a minor digestion capability, give them that coin-sized amount every month.

In a month, you should never give more pancakes than that. You can divide that amount and give it on separate days within the interval but not more than that.

Make the pancakes as nutritious as possible. Avoid excessive oil and sugar, and no toppings should be given.

Alternatives of Pancakes for Hamsters

  • Fruits and Veggies: Cabbage, Apples, Guava, Blueberries, Banana
  • Seeds: Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds
  • Milk, Tomatoes, and more

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