Is Duct Tape Safe for Hamsters? [Can You Use It In the Cage]

Duct Tape is our go-to tool to fix any of our damaged or broken items. Similarly, one of our group members asked if it was safe for a hamster or not, as her cage was broken, and she wanted to apply duct tape there.

So, Is Duct Tape Safe for Hamsters?

Don’t use Duct Tape in your hamster’s cage, as duct tape is really strong, and your little hamster can stick to the tape, and you may have a hard time removing the duct tape. Also, if your hamster consumes it, it will again have a hard time. So, Duct Tape is not that safe for your hamster’s cage.

Still, if you want to use Duct Tape, you must stay very careful and check daily if your hamster is chewing the duct tape. If the hamster is not chewing the duct tape and is far from sticking with it, then your hammy is safe.

Usually, your hamster chews the duct tape out and gets stuck with it, so if your hamster is not chewing the duct tape, it is good.

If you want to fix your broken or damaged hamster’s cage or for other purposes if you have to use tape, then I would suggest using Industrial Velcro Tape; it is more powerful than duct tape, so your hamster will not be able to chew it out and get stuck.

Risk of Putting Duct Tape in Hamster’s Cage

It’s fine to put it in the cage if they don’t chew or consume it. If they do, you must remove it immediately. There are some serious issues with putting duct tape in your hamster’s cage.

  1. The glue of the Duct Tape is strong, and the material used for the tape doesn’t have that much potential. So your hamster can easily chew the duct tape and get ill. If your hamster somehow ate Duct Tape, it will have gastrointestinal problems. Thus you have to look at your hamster’s lack of appetite, lethargy, and constipation for a few days and then consult a vet according to the situation.

Is Duct Tape Adhesive Poisonous?

The glue in duct tape is not that safe if your hamster licks it. So it is highly suggested not to use duct tape or any other toxic glue in your hamster’s essential products. As if somehow some glue gets inside their stomach, they will have stomach problems.

Instead of that toxic glue, you can use any natural or nontoxic glue, which is safe for your hamster, and if they lick it, they won’t have issues like gas, constipation, and others.

Here I’ve linked some best safe glues for your hamsters’ products, like the cage, wheels, and other products. Also, you must check the glue’s chemicals for extra safety while purchasing.

What Happens If A Hamster Eats Duct Tape?

Although, hamsters are unable to consume tape. Chewing or eating tape would be extremely harmful to a hamster since it might cause choking, and the hamsters would have failed to absorb it.

But, if somehow your hamster consumes the duct tape, it will have issues like gas, lack of appetite, lethargy, and constipation. Thus, it can be very harmful to your little pet. In that situation, you have to check their pop daily and, if needed, ask for help from a vet.

So staying away from duct tape is best for your little hamster. Use Industrial Velcro, nontoxic glues, and other pet-friendly items that you can easily find online or offline stores.

Can You Use Duct Tape on Hamsters Toys?

You can use duct tape on hamsters’ toys if they don’t chew the tape. But, it is not safe to use duct tape on your hamster’s toys; as already mentioned, they can have serious illnesses if consumed.

Instead, you can use non-toxic pet-friendly glues and other strong tapes that hamsters will not be able to chew or pull out.

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