Can Hamsters Eat Pomegranate? [You Must Know Before Serving]

Having delicious fruits served on the plate, can you resist having them all at once? We know you can’t, so what about your hamster? They will also be unable to resist such excellent delicacies on plates like the pomegranate.

Don’t you love having the juicy, fruity, and tasty pomegranate? We love them a lot, and they are perfect for our health.

But, Can Your Hamster Eat Pomegranate?

YES! Your hamster can eat pomegranate as a treat in a tiny amount. Still, It is suggested not to serve this fruit frequently and excessively to your hamster. Because it has a lot of sugar that can cause diabetes, especially for dwarf hamsters. Also, pomegranate seeds are not easily digestible for your tiny hamster. Thus they can have diarrhea and other stomach issues if served in large amounts.

So this fruit is not a good choice for your little fur ball, as it has more harm to your pet than benefits. Let’s learn more about this fruit and how you can serve it as a treat.

Nutrients in Pomegranate

According to healthline[1]Healthline, one average sized pomegranate [nearly 300 grams] has these nutrients:

Protein4.7 grams
Fat3.3 grams
Carbohydrates52 grams
Sugar38.6 grams
Fiber11.3 grams
Calcium28.2 mg
Vitamin C28.8 mg

I’ve highlighted the sugar level so your eyes catch the amount of sugar a pomegranate has, as diabetes is a common issue in hamsters.

Why Is Pomegranate Not a Good Treat for Hamsters?

Pomegranate is a fruit with good nutrients for humans, but it can cause serious health issues for your hamsters if served excessively.

Here are some problems your hamster can have if you frequently serve pomegranates.

#1 Diarrhea

Hamsters are tiny pets and don’t have a big stomach, so if they eat anything that is quite hard to digest, they might have various stomach issues.

And the pomegranate seeds are not easily digestible for pets as well as humans; if we eat pomegranate in large amounts and frequently, then we can also have stomach issues.

So if we can have issues with that, then your hamster’s stomach is tiny; therefore, it is hard for them to digest pomegranate seeds, and they can have various stomach issues and diarrhea.

If you serve your hamster excessively pomegranate, you may see your hamster pooping a lot a few days later.

#2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a prevalent health issue in hamsters. Especially if you have a dwarf hamster, you should be more concerned about sugary foods for your hamsters.

Although diabetes in Syrian hamsters is not common, if they consume sugary foods frequently, they can have diabetes.

So, as mentioned earlier, pomegranate is a highly sugary fruit [a medium-sized pomegranate can have more than 40 gm of sugar], and serving this excessively to your hamster can cause diabetes.

Although it is not proven, to ensure your hamster lives a long life, you should avoid such foods with high sugar.

#Other Health Issues

  • Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Lower Blood Pressure

TIP: However, if your hamster somehow ate pomegranate, you should look if they have any stomach issues like gas, diarrhea, or other. If so, you can consult with your VET. And for the future, make sure you keep your hamster away from any sugary foods.

Can Hamsters Drink Pomegranate Juice?

No! Drinking any form of juice is not very much recommended for Hamsters. It is preferable not to eat juice, but if you still want to give them, one or two drops of juice should be given to them using a dropper and not more than that.

If you are already thinking about packaged juices, throw that idea out of your head.

Can Hamsters Drink Pomegranate Juice?

You cannot make your hamster drink any juice processed and bought from the market because its nutritional values are reduced, and they contain more and more sugars and flavors, which are harmful to the hamsters.

But if you really want to give them juice, just grind your pomegranate seeds at home and then give them the natural juices so that there is no damage caused to the health of your hamster.

Though you are allowed to give pomegranate juice to your hamster, the amount should not exceed one or two drops.

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