Can Hamster Eat Bok Choy? [Here’re Benefits & Side Effects]

Bok Choy is a type of cabbage from China. This veggie is healthy as it is stuffed with many nutrients. Currently, it is harvested in lots of places in the USA.

So if you love this veggie and own a hamster, you might often think of giving Bok Choy to your hamsters.

But many things may confuse you, but don’t worry; this post will clear every doubt from your mind.

So, Can You Serve Bok Choy to Your Hamsters?

YES! Your hamster can eat Bok Choy as a treat. This vegetable contains many nutrients like vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and others, which are great for a hamster’s health. It also improves the immune system as well.

But, before serving, make sure they are fresh, and you should clean them well in water.

This veggie also has some drawbacks for your hamster. To know more about them, you should keep reading this article.

Nutritional Values of Bok Choy

One Cup or 70gm of Bok Choy contains:

Calcium6% of Daily Value
Iron3% of Daily Value
Magnesium3% of Daily Value
Phosphorus2% of Daily Value
Potassium4% of Daily Value
Zinc1% of Daily Value
Manganese5% of Daily Value
Selenium1% of Daily Value
Vitamin C35% of Daily Value
Folate12% of Daily Value
Vitamin A17% of Daily Value
Vitamin K27% of Daily Value

Benefits of Bok Choy for Hamsters

Bok Choy has lots of benefits. Here I’ve listed all the nutrients and advantages of Bok Choy.

1. Vitamin C: Bok Choy is an excellent source of Vitamin C. In one cup of Bok Choy or 70gm Bok Choy, you’ll find 35% of Vitamin C of the daily value.

Vitamin C helps in hamsters’ growth and the development of their body. It also repairs their body tissues, including various blood functions.

It also improves the immunity system of your hamster to prevent various health issues and live a healthy and happy life.

Vitamin C helps maintain your hamster’s bones, teeth, and cartilage. Vit C has lots of other roles in the body.

2. Vitamin K: Secondly, in 70gm of Bok Choy, there is 27% of Vitamin K of the daily value. It is the second-largest nutrient anyone can find in Bok Choy.

Vitamin K is essential for your tiny hamster to make various needed proteins in their body for bone building and blood coating.

Blood coating and Bone Building are two leading roles of Vitamin K. So blood coating helps to prevent excessive bleeding. So as the hamster is a small furr and can’t afford much bleeding, they should have a good source of Vitamin K.

It also helps to recover wounds quickly.

To strengthen your hamster’s bones, Vit K is also essential so that Bok Choy can do the job for you.

3. 0% of Fat: Due to lack of knowledge, many hamster owners serve their hamsters unhealthy foods with heavy fat. And it is a common issue for hamsters to get fat and become unhealthy.

As hamsters need lots of exercise as they do with wheels and other toys, and they used to do lots of hard work in the wild.

So it is better not to serve too much fat to your hamsters. So Bok Choy could be an excellent option as it won’t have any fat.

But, still, they need some fat, and I think they will get their essential fat from other foods.

4. Other Nutrients: Bok Choy also contains various nutrients which will help your hamsters in various situations. You can check the table below.

Risk & Side Effects of Bok Choy for Hamsters

Excessive eating of Bok Choy can heavily impact your Hamster’s health incorrectly. So it is essential to know why, when, and how you should serve your hamster, Bok Choy.

Although, if your hamster won’t eat a large amount of Bok Choy for an extensive period, it is entirely safe. But, just as for information, here are some health issues caused by Bok Choy.

  1. Breaks Down the Glucosinolates: The enzyme in Bok Choy [known as myrosinase] can break down the Glucosinolates, which can cause various effects on your hamster’s health, like food intake, growth, and other problems.
  2. Thyroid Related Issues: Bok Choy, Cabbage, and other similar veggies are the leading causes of Thyroid. Although in hamsters, thyroid-related issues are not common but in some research, it has been proved they can have Goiter and other problems.

Note: You should not be worry because this only happens when someone takes too much of Bok Choy for excessive period. And I don’t think hamsters consumes that much of Bok Choy or any other foods. Thier stomach is very small. So you’re always safe, just for your information you can always keep the side effects on your mind.

How To Serve Bok Choy to Hamster? [Raw or Cooked]

There are 3 ways you can serve Bok Choy to your hamster.

1. Raw Bok Choy

You can serve raw Bok Choy to your hamster. But Before serving raw Bok Choy to your hamster, make sure:

  1. Firstly, bring fresh Bok Choy from the market or garden.
  2. Then, clean them with fresh water.
  3. After that, you can divide the leaves and stems and serve them to your hamster.

But you should not serve too much Raw Bok Choy to your hamster as raw Bok Choy has enzymes that can cause Thyroid. However, a small amount of Bok Choy is acceptable for your hamster.

2. Boiled or Cooked Bok Choy

You can also feed your hamster boiled and cooked bok choy. Often hamsters might not show interest in eating boiled or cooked, but they are suitable for their health.

To serve boiled or cooked Bok Choy, you first have to do the above steps and then boil or cook your bok choy. Next, leave the cooked bok choy for some time to become excellent.

Serving hot foods can cause various issues to your hamster. So make sure it is cold, and then you can serve bok choy to your hamster.

Which Part of Bok Choy is Best for Hamsters?

There are two main parts of Bok Choy, leaves and stems. You can give your hamster both parts as both are good for them. Hamsters personally enjoy eating the stems or the white part.

bok choy

So you can serve leaves and stems without having any issues. Make sure all the parts are fresh, and you should clean them with water and then serve.

You can also check with your hamster which part they enjoy the most. And then, you can serve Book Choy according to your results the next time you serve.

How Often to Serve Bok Choy to Your Hamster?

Once a Week! Yes, you can serve Bok Choy to your hamster once a week. Because giving Bok Choy to your hamster daily can cause some health issues. So as a treat, you can serve them Bok Choy.

Don’t give your hamster Bok Choy daily; a good enough gap is much needed. However, this veggie has health benefits but also has some drawbacks or disadvantages.

As a treat, it should be served to your hamster, not as a regular meal, for meal grains are best for your hamsters. Also, you can have separate diet foods for your hamster.

So it is a good option as a treat for your hamsters.

You can also serve other veggies and fruits like Lettuce, Carrots, and others, which I’ve previously discussed in other posts.

How Much Bok Choy To Feed A Hamster?

You should not feed lots of Bok Choy to your hamsters; it should be served in a limited amount because the hamsters have very small stomachs. As a treat, you can serve a small amount of Bok Choy, and your hamster will eat as much as they like.

Too much feeding can cause various issues for your hamster’s health. So always be careful about your little pet.

And don’t serve Bok Choy as a meal; just give your little furry as a treat.


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